For those who have a passion for steam railways, and in particular the GWR … Stroud railway station is a must!

Not just a quaint country station – where one local lady maintains its tiny platform garden – this station was designed by the great Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who also designed the nearby goods shed (possibly unique in the UK), and the magnificent viaducts of the Chalford Valley.

If you have travelled to Stroud from Paddington – having dozed through the flatter countryside en-route - you will admire the way the train hugs the hillside, allowing you time to gaze out over the houses tucked into the opposite side of the valley, reminiscent of an Alpine village. In the days of steam it often required two engines to pull a train out of the Stroud valleys.

Descend into Stroud itself – and, suddenly, the tidy station emerges – with hanging baskets throughout the summer months. It’s strange how, alighting from the train after the hustle and bustle of London, and emerging from the station, it can really seem as if the pace of life has just slowed down!

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