Certaine Wytches: Fear, Myth and Magic

30 September 2017 - 05 November 2017

Certaine Wytches: Fear, Myth and Magic image

Where: Museum in the Park Stratford Park Stroud
Postcode: GL5 4AF

Certaine Wytches: Fear, Myth and Magic website

In Anne Jackson's current project, ‘The Witchcraft Series’, she presents a series of works exploring the history of witch persecution in Europe, and the metaphors which the idea of ‘witchcraft’ evoke in modern culture, through the medium of knotted tapestry.

Referencing sources from the earliest printed books warning against the evils of witches, to the repeal of the final Witchcraft Act in English law in 1957, the works explore the imagery and social attitudes that led to the trial and execution of thousands of people, mostly women, across Europe.

Jackson's large and small-scale tapestries often depict evidence given in individual witch-trials, including that of young children encouraged to testify against their mothers. Whenever possible, she reproduces the original printed texts from witch-hunting pamphlets and trial accounts as part of the tapestry composition, seeing this as a kind of ventriloquism, giving a voice to individuals from the distant past.

Several tapestries also utilise the metaphor of ‘witchcraft’ to reflect upon our sense of powerlessness in the face of current fears and concerns, such as climate change.

Anne Jackson has exhibited widely across Europe, the USA and in Australia. Her work is held in public collections, including the Art Endowment of the City of Aalborg, Denmark, the Geffreye Museum, London, and the Museum of Applied Art, Budapest, Hungary.

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